Balancing Food & Play

About Balancing Food & Play

Balancing Food & Play is a 4-week classroom program that encourages healthy eating and physical activity. The program targets four health goals:

  • At least 60 minutes of daily active play
  • Two hours or less of screen time each day
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables each day
  • Drink milk with meals and water with snacks

This is a 20-lesson curriculum extension that coordinates with Texas TEKS for 3rd – 5th grade students. The lessons include pre-recorded videos from Texas A&M Extension, student journals, and problem solving activities. There are also take-home newsletters and recipe cards to connect parents/guardians with the lessons.

This program can be delivered by teachers or Extension agents. Local extension agents can train teachers and loan out the program material kit.

Program Components

  • 20 lesson plans with classroom PowerPoints (45 to 60 minute lessons)
  • Student journals
  • 4 take-home newsletters and recipe cards

To host a program, schools will need:

  • Presentation display (Projector, SmartBoard, TV, etc.)

Alignment with TEKS

A full summary of the TEKS by lesson is included in the curriculum. Below, the TEKS are highlighted for each grade level.

3rd Grade: Link to 3rd Grade TEKS

4th Grade: Link to 4th Grade TEKS

5th Grade: Link to 5th Grade TEKS

Additional Resources

Interested educators should connect with their local 4-H or Family & Community Health Extension Agent for more information. Find their contact information here:

Find the full program website here: