4-H Food & Nutrition Programs

About 4-H Food & Nutrition Programs

The 4-H Food & Nutrition Program includes a variety of activities that students can participate in. Activities include workshops, tours, healthy cooking classes, and more! Youth can participate in contests such as the Food Challenge, Family & Community Health (FCH) Quiz Bowl, and Food Show. Through these activities, students will learn about topics such as:

  • Healthy Food Preparation
  • Food Safety
  • Nutrition
  • Kitchen and Cooking Safety
  • Budgeting and Meal Planning
  • Communication Skills

The Texas 4-H Food and Nutrition program offers a wide variety of hands-on, experiential learning experiences which can be adapted to fit an audience’s needs. These components apply the “Learning by Doing” approach which includes the Do, Reflect, Apply concept.

Program Components

  • Popular components include the 4-H Food and Nutrition Explore Guides series, each of which include 6 lessons designed to be delivered in 20-30 minutes: Cooking in the Kitchen, Dollars and Sense: Food Budgeting, Kitchen Safety, and Keeping Food Safe.
  • Other components may be available upon request and vary from county to county.

To host a project, schools will need:

  • Space for activities
  • Various supplies for activities

Alignment with TEKS

Below, the TEKS are highlighted by grade level.

Kindergarten: Link to Kindergarten TEKS

1st Grade: Link to 1st Grade TEKS

2nd Grade: Link to 2nd Grade TEKS

3rd Grade: Link to 3rd Grade TEKS

4th Grade: Link to 4th Grade TEKS

5th Grade: Link to 5th Grade TEKS

6th Grade: Link to 6th Grade TEKS

7th Grade: Link to 7th Grade TEKS

8th Grade: Link to 8th Grade TEKS

9th Grade: Link to 9th Grade TEKS

10th Grade: Link to 10th Grade TEKS

11th Grade: Link to 11th Grade TEKS

12th Grade: Link to 12th Grade TEKS

Additional Resources

Interested educators should connect with their county AgriLife Extension office for more information. Find their contact information here: https://counties.agrilife.org/

For more information, check out the 4-H Food & Nutrition Programs website here: https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/projects/food-nutrition/