Recognized Schools

2022 – 2023 School Year

  • Seymour Elementary (Seymour ISD / Baylor County)
  • New Summerfield Elementary (New Summer ISD / Cherokee County)
  • Bronte Elementary (Bronte ISD / Coke County)
  • All Saints Catholic (Collin ISD)
  • Eden CISD (Eden ISD / Concho County)
  • Era ISD (Cooke County)
  • Lake Dallas Middle School (Lake Dallas ISD / Denton County)
  • Fredericksburg Primary School (Fredericksburg ISD / Gillespie County)
  • Bells Jr High (Bells ISD / Grayson County)
  • Tom Bean (Tom Bean ISD / Grayson County)
  • Sam Houston Elementary (Marshal ISD / Harrison County)
  • Latexo Elementary (Latexo ISD / Houston County)
  • Lone Oak Elementary (Lone Oak ISD / Hunt County)
  • OP Norman Junior High (Kaufman ISD / Kaufman County)
  • Robinson Elementary (Robinson ISD / McLennan County)
  • Menard Elementary (Menard ISD / Menard County)
  • Menard Junior High School (Menard ISD / Menard County)
  • Two Dimensions Preparatory Academy Pre-School (Navarro County)
  • Goodrich Elementary School (Goodrich ISD / Polk County)
  • Kissam Intermediate (Chapel Hill ISD / Smith County)
  • Sterling City Elementary (Sterling City ISD / Sterling County)
  • Groveton Elementary (Groveton ISD / Trinity County)
  • Ore City Elementary (Ore City ISD / Upshur County)
  • Woodland Elementary School (Graham ISD / Young County)
  • F.L. Moffett Primary School (Center ISD / Shelby County)

Our 2021 – 2022 schools are recognized here.

Template for Social Media Graphic

The social media graphic template, used in the above slideshow, can be used by schools on their own social media sites. To use this template, Canva is needed, which can be accessed through the following steps:

  1. Go to Canva webpage:
  2. Click the sign up button (top right corner).
  3. Sign up with email.
  4. Once you have created an account, use the following link to access the social media graphic:
  5. Once you are on the page with the template, go to the taskbar on the left side of the screen and find “Uploads”, which has an icon of an arrow pointing upwards to a cloud.
  6. Click on the purple button titled “Upload files” and click “Open” to upload the picture that you would like to add to the graphic.
  7. Once Canva finishes uploading, click on the image and drag it to the photo frame, which either has a picture of green hills and clouds or another school’s photo. Canva should automatically fit your picture, but you can move the picture within the frame as needed.
  8. Once you have added the picture, click on the “Share” button in the upper right corner.
  9. Click on the download button and make sure that the file type is still PNG.
  10. Click on the purple download button.
  11. Now you can post this graphic on your social media page!