Middle School Programs

Walk Across

K – 12th Grade

An 8-week program designed to help youth across Texas establish the habit of regular physical activity using a fun and motivating team approach.

Strong Teens Healthy Schools

6th – 7th Grade

A 16-week physical activity, nutrition, and civic engagement program. This program helps students identify and change environments in their school that impact opportunities to be healthy.

Path to Plate Youth Expo

3rd – 12th Grade

A 1-day educational event with stations that expose youth to agriculture and how it impacts daily life and health.

Choose Healthy

6th – 8th Grade

A 4-week program focusing on these topics: MyPlate, Energy Balance (physical activity), Making Nutritious Choices, and Choosing Healthy Drinks.

Mindful SELF

6th – 8th Grade

A 6- lesson program that teaches youth mindfulness and social & emotional concepts.

Teen Cuisine

6th – 12th Grade

A 6-lesson series that focuses on helping youth develop healthy eating habits, increase physical activity, practice food safety, and develop basic food preparation skills.

Dinner Tonight Junior

K- 12th Grade

A 9-station program that empowers youth to make healthy decisions and provides opportunities to showcase recipes, tips, and ideas to their families and community.

4-H Food & Nutrition Programs

K – 12th Grade

A variety of activities that youth can engage in to learn about topics regarding cooking and healthy eating.